Configure a Sync-Group between our BIG-IP DNS servers. DNS-related configurations will replicate and be in a consistent state between both BIG-IP DNS servers at all times. Please see the article below for more information on BIG-IP DNS synchronization.

More on BIG-IP DNS Synchronization


This enables Config Sync on gtm1.site1 only. Config Sync for gtm1.site2 will be enabled at a later step.

On gtm1.site1 navigate to: DNS ›› Settings : GSLB : General


Configure the global settings for GSLB according to the following table:

Field Value
Synchronize checked
Group Name EXAMPLE_group
Synchronize DNS Zone Files checked

The above work may alternatively be completed using the command line. Using Putty log into gtm1.site1 and issue the following command.


tmsh modify gtm global-settings general synchronization yes synchronization-group-name EXAMPLE_group synchronize-zone-files yes