DNS Profile

Configure a DNS profile to associate with the listener we have just created. The DNS profile is where we define how to handle the DNS traffic received by the listener, this includes DNS specific features such as DNSSEC, DNS Express and many others. For more informaton on DNS profiles, please refer to the link below.

More information on DNS profiles


It is required to complete the following task on both gtm1.site1 and gtm1.site2

On gtm1.site1 navigate to: DNS ›› Delivery : Profiles : DNS

On gtm1.site2 navigate to: DNS ›› Delivery : Profiles : DNS


Create a new DNS profile as shown in the following table.

Field Value
Name example.com_dns_profile
DNSSEC Disabled
DNS Express Disabled
Unhandled Query Action Drop
Use BIND Server on Big-IP Disabled
Logging Enabled
Logging Profile example_dns_logging_profile
AVR statistics Sample Rate Enabled, 1/1 queries sampled

TMSH command for both gtm1.site1 and gtm1.site2:


tmsh create ltm profile dns example.com_dns_profile use-local-bind no unhandled-query-action drop log-profile example_dns_logging_profile enable-logging yes avr-dnsstat-sample-rate 1 enable-dns-express no enable-dnssec no