UDP Profile

Next, we are going to define a UDP profile. A UDP profile will instruct the BIG-IP DNS listener on how to handle UDP traffic. The DNS profile we created earlier instructs the BIG-IP DNS on how to process the layer 7 data inside of the UDP packets, but not how to handle the UDP protocol itself. For more information on UDP profiles, please refer to the link below.

More information on UDP profiles


It is required to complete the following task on both gtm1.site1 and gtm1.site2

On gtm1.site1 navigate to: DNS ›› Delivery : Profiles : Protocol : UDP

On gtm1.site2 navigate to: DNS ›› Delivery : Profiles : Protocol : UDP


Create a new UDP profile as shown in the following table:

Field Value
Name example.com_udp-dns_profile
Parent Profile udp_gtm_dns

TMSH command for both gtm1.site1 and gtm1.site2:


tmsh create ltm profile udp example.com_udp-dns_profile defaults-from udp_gtm_dns